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Mechanical vs. Electronic Access Control: Which is Better?

The primary reason why we’ve got door locks is the need to keep your businesses and homes secure. Locks have been around for a couple of centuries. They have greatly changed in the way they are used and built.

Nowadays, when it comes to door locks, there are two primary forms. This includes electronic access control and mechanical access control. Mechanical access control integrates traditional locks, such as mortise locks, levels, knob locks, and deadbolts. Most businesses and homes use this. However, oftentimes, mechanical locks are enabling easy unauthorized entry as burglars become craftier and technology adapts. Mechanical access control nowadays does not offer enough security. 

This is where electronic access control comes in. Also known as digital door locks, they do not require keys to work. They offer better access control and security compared to mechanical. 

Pin Codes and Keys

A PIN code will be the easiest form of credential that is being used in today’s electronic applications. You only have to remember 3-8 digits of code to access areas that are protected. But, using PIN codes alone isn’t the best approach. The reason for this is that PIN codes can be easily shared with other individuals. Though keys offer improved security, the risk of unauthorized duplication or stolen/lost keys can result in lowered productivity and extra work. 

Though keeping your property safe is often a difficult job, enhanced security can start with a required inspection by a professional locksmith. They can help you plan and choose the best type of lock for your property. They will base it on your budget and needs.

Proximity Stripe and Magnetic Credentials

Nowadays, proximity credentials are the best way to control access. This is particularly true if you own a commercial property. These types of systems are simple to utilize for cardholders and system administrators. Magnetic credentials are the best choice if you want to store confidential and distinct details on every credential and they need to write or read capabilities.

Smart Card Systems

A system that uses smart card credentials offers an improved level of security. A smart card exchanged information with a reader via the mutual authentication process. It offers additional reassurance and always ensures that the integrity of the communication between the credential and the reader is not affected. 

Biometric Systems

This type of security system offers the best level of security because it does not require physical credentials. This is particularly true when it comes to identification purposes. Biometric systems instead identify the employees by using their distinct biometric details such as fingerprints and hand geometry. If you want to have a more secure property with a biometric system, you can also include a pin or credential.

If you have more questions about this subject and you need any help regarding this topic, do not hesitate to contact a professional locksmith company. They have all the knowledge and experience to answer all the questions you have. They can also offer the best product for your needs.

Another excellent benefit of a master key system is that it offers you extra peace of mind and control. You know that only employees that are authorized might access pre-approved places. this can help avoid unauthorized use of your property and help prevent employee theft.

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