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Marshal eviction Service NYC

Not all landlords are happy with their tenants, for some of them do not pay rent or have some disturbing habits inside the premises. This is where a Marshal eviction service NYC comes useful.

In an event of an eviction, the marshal or city sheriff will require the landlord to change the locks or rekey its cylinders to keep the tenant away from the premises. Fortunately, you can count on us 9th Avenue Locksmith for your lock rekey and replacement needs.

We are 24/7 ready to cater all kinds of locksmith services in the city of New York. Get in touch with us by saving our number and calling us anytime.

What is Marshal eviction Service?

When a landlord wants to legally take his or her tenant out from the rented space, he or she must move to get a marshal eviction service. The marshal or sheriff must show their identification and Warrant of Eviction in removing that tenant out and transferring all his or her belongings to a safe warehouse.

What Happens During a Sheriff or Marshall Eviction?

Before a marshal or sheriff eviction can take place, the landlord must file a petition for removal in the Civil Court. There will be a court hearing for it, and when the court approves of the petition, the marshal or sheriff can request for a Warrant of Eviction.

During the eviction process, the authorized officer (marshal or sheriff) must show their identification together with the Warrant of Eviction to the tenant. If the latter resists to move out, then the marshal or sheriff can use force to pull out the tenant and his or her belongings out from the premises.

Because it is an eviction, the things of the tenant will be transported by the marshal or sheriff to a safe warehouse. Then the landlord is mandatory to change locks or rekey them, so that the tenant can no longer gain access.

In New York City, 9th Avenue Locksmith is one of the reputable locksmiths to rekey and change locks for residential and commercial establishments. For your marshal or sheriff eviction service, you can rely on us anytime.

Are Landlords Required to Change Locks or Have them Re-Keyed after an Eviction?

In an eviction service, the marshal or city sheriff will tell the landlord to rekey the key pins or change the entire locks for all entrances of the office or room occupied by the tenant.

When this happens, 9th Avenue Locksmith is your number one choice for an affordable and seamless lock rekey or replacement in New York City. Our team of professionals are always equipped with the right tools and supplies to meet your needs on the spot.

You can schedule your appointment with us via phone call. No matter how hectic your schedule is, 9th Avenue Locksmith will surely find a way to fit in your time and accomplish our task without disturbing your work or business.

We are available 24/7

Your tenants can be moved out from their premises at any time of the day, depending on the details stated in the Warrant of Eviction. If you need a professional locksmith to rekey or replace your old locks, then 9th Avenue Locksmith can be your service provider.

Our mobile locksmith service is round the clock ready to settle all your lock and key problems in your house, apartment, vehicle, bicycle, and offices. With just one call, our van will be there in your doorstep in 15 minutes!

Day or night, our locksmith service is at your disposal. Simply dial our hotline and call for assistance.

Your Local Locksmith

Are you still looking for a licensed and bonded local locksmith in New York City? Look no further and choose us 9th Avenue Locksmith. We are the most responsive and cost-efficient local locksmith in the area for more than a decade.

We have served different clients in the area regarding lock repair, installation, key duplication, car key reprogramming and lockouts. Our versatile and polite technicians are highly competent to resolve all your lock-related concerns.

Call us anytime for your locksmith needs.

Our company is completely licensed and bonded

9th Avenue Locksmith have fully complied with all accreditations and permitting in the area to be a certified local locksmith. In line, we only hire those technicians with a license and insurance to be part of our growing team.

Clearly, you can never be too complacent of letting anyone enter your home or offices without checking their credentials. With us, you are confident of availing top-notch repair and replacement on your broken locks or stolen keys.

On top of that, we are never late! Our mobile van is always on the dot or before the time. Expect our mobile emergency locksmith to be there in your premises in 30 minutes or earlier.

Experienced & well trained locksmiths

Our seasoned lock experts never do guesswork in fixing or installing the suitable locks that meets your security needs and finances. We will first take a closer look at the problem before creating a solution for it.

Our technicians can efficiently fix or replace various types of locks, starting from the traditional ones (deadbolts, door knob locks, lever handles) to modern ones such as keypad locks and keyless remote controls.

Do you need a high-security lock in your place? 9th Avenue Locksmith completely got you covered with this one as well. With us, you will have a full peace of mind as you sleep through the night, because all your locks and security systems are well-taken care of.

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