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Fire Escape, Window Gates NYC Service

Fire escape gate and window gates are made to make your property a lot safer. First, window guards or window gate NYC are metal grilles that are installed in windows to keep young kids from climbing out and being injured or killed. On the other hand, fire escape window gates NYC and windows with various materials and designs have been introduced. Material and quality vary from gate to gate. These gates are made from aluminum, iron, wrought iron or steel. These easy out gates are designed according to your home providing you peace of mind and relaxation with safety and security.

Window Gates Types

Nowadays, there are a lot of types of window gates. All will depend on the needs of your property. 9th Ave Locksmith can help you choose the right one.

Swing or hinged home security fire escape window gates NYC are made to swing open for cleaning, repair, or for emergency purposes. They’re secured through a padlock latch system or perhaps a quick release feature, which works great for secondary escapes.

If you don’t mind having the bars being a permanent feature on your windows and an emergency escape isn’t a problem, the non-removable or fixed home security window gate NYC is for you. They are bolted permanently through the window frames into the structural framing. These bars are made for constant, lasting use. 

What Is The NYC Law About Fire Escapes, Windows & Gates?


If you want to know more about the NYC law about fire escapes gate, contact 9th Ave Locksmith.

All fire-escape gates need to be made of open balconies and stairways of iron or stone. It should be able to sustain a load of at least 80 pounds per square foot.

Next, all rooms shall be accessible directly to escape window gates NYC without passing through a public hall. This is particularly true if one or more living rooms of any apartment are rented to boarders or lodgers. Access to a fire-escape shall be from a living room or private hall in each apartment or suite of rooms at each story above the entrance story, and such access shall not include any window of a stair hall.

If you are a tenant, you’ve got to keep in mind that if you’re installing a window gate NYC fire, you have to construct, arranged, locate, and maintain the fire escape window gates by following the NYC law.


Our window gate NYC services

Our window gate NYC services

All fire escape gates are made to cover all of your needs. This is the best part of the window and fire escape gate NYC services that are offered by us at 9th Ave Locksmith. 

9th Ave Locksmith can supply and install fire escape gates. Are you a landlord of a rental property? You need a gate that is made to perfectly fit for the right type of gate for your fire escape. To make this possible, 9th Ave Locksmith will come to your property and take measurements of your fire escape to make sure that you get access to a gate that is the exact measurement that you require.

You can choose the form of gate that works best for you and you can be sure that it can be installed on your property in no time at all. Your NYC fire escape window gate should not be left without a gate and now you have a simple solution that is designed to be the most convenient service for you.

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Established many years ago, with a lot of years of combined experience in the business, we are one of the most reliable, trustworthy and honest Locksmith Companies in New York City.  We are fully licensed and insured as well as local to the area.

Choose 9th Ave Locksmith for your fire escape gate NYC needs.

Best Price Guarantee

We expect you to share your NYC fire escape gate NYC needs with us when we work for people like you in the New York City area. Our goal is to be the best locksmith service possible.  Friendly, courteous, and prompt service are the core values that define our business.  While we cannot always guarantee the lowest prices, we strive to price our services and products competitively.  We only employ professional methods in our work, we never cut corners to get our work done and we use the best products available for the application whenever possible.

Our highly skilled technicians have the comprehensive knowledge and experience to get the job done. You can be sure that your fire escape gate needs will be handled with the latest equipment and knowledge. Our mission is to provide the best service at fair rates, without wasting your time. We provide a guarantee for all services provided. Contact us today!


The answer is no. If the tenant is new to the property and there are already existing window guards, then the tenant isn’t obliged to pay for the existing window guards. However, if the tenant requests for replacement of old window guards, he or she will have to pay for it.

The answer is yes. All landlords that have apartment with kids younger than 10 years old is living is required to install window guards in public areas.

Public areas in properties include hallways, and much more.

Well, according to the law, for each window guard that the tenant asks in writing to have installed in the tenant’s apartment, the owner of a condo or apartment can charge a tenant 10$ or less.

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