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When You Should Change Your Locks

If you want to defend your home against intruders and burglars, the first thing you should do is to install durable and high-quality locks on all of your doors. To prevent unauthorized access to your house, you’ve got to lock your doors properly. However, locks can be compromised sometimes. 

Particular cases, such as losing your key, moving into a new house, and much more will need you to change the locks. Today, we’re going to talk about when you should change the locks.

You’ve Got Low-Quality Locks

Builder grade locks often provide less security. They might be simple to get access to using burglar techniques, such as bump keys. You should not make it easy for them. You need to install a high-quality lock that will protect your house and make it harder to get unauthorized access.

You Have Gone Through a Divorce or Breakup

It is time to change your lock if you’ve broken up with your partner who had a duplicate key. Just like a tenant, you cannot guarantee that they do not have a copy of your key lying around, even if they have returned the key to you.

You Ended a Rental Agreement

It is time that you change the locks if you rent your property and an old tenant moved out. This principle can also be applied if you’ve got roommates moving out. Even if these individuals turned in their key, you cannot ensure that they do not have a duplicate. 

You Finished a Renovation

Your lock can be compromised if you have handed a key off to a renovation contractor. It does not matter if you really trust the contractor. The contractor might have let a sub-contractor borrow the key. Of course, it is always better safe than sorry. 

Your Key is Stolen or You Lost Your Key

Any person can gain access to your house if your keys are stolen or lost. This is particularly risky if your keys accompanied any identifying details when you lost it. A burglar can use that information to locate your address and use your keys to gain access to your property. 

You Have Experienced a Break-In

It is an excellent idea to change your locks if a burglar has broken through them. A burglar might have copied or nabbed a duplicate key even if they broke in through other sources, such as your window. Also, you might be a more likely target for a burglar in the future. Because of this, you’ve got to purchase high-security locks to prevent them from coming back.

Your Lock is Old

You might require a new lock even if you’re the only one who has a copy of your keys. Over time, locks wear out. They experience wear and tear. A rusted and worn lock can be picked or broken easily. You should search for other indications of wear, such as rust and tarnish, to figure out if you’ve got to replace your lock. 

When replacing your locks, do not hesitate to call a professional locksmith!

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