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What are the Advantages of Using a Master Key System for Your Commercial Properties?

Balancing worker access to security is vital if you are a business owner. Of course, you want to lessen possible security risks and losses. Unluckily, this can often be simpler said than done. Sometimes it can leave you with compromises in your security. Oftentimes, it can leave you frustrated. 

Fortunately, there is a solution to this issue. All you need is a master key system. You can use this type of system as a support for every access control protocol.

What’s a Master Key System?

First of all, let us first define what a master key system is. To make things simple, a master key system is a form of security system that utilizes a multi-tiered framework. This framework will grant various workers various levels of access to your commercial property. If you install a master key system in your commercial property, you will obtain a key that can open all locks in your property. This is called the “grandmaster” key. On the other hand, your workers will only get keys that open particular locks or enable access to particular areas of your property. These various tiers of “access privileges” can be completely tailored. This offers you total control over the security of your business.

In practice, a master key system offers a range of benefits. This includes:

Ease of Use

A master key system also provides security without having to produce a separate key for all doors in your property. Of course, having a lot of different keys can be confusing and cumbersome. Nobody wants to jingle keys whenever they walk. If you are lowering the number of keys you carry, you can help update your keying system and frees up your pocket for other things, such as your phone or wallet. 


A master key system will guarantee that nobody will duplicate your key without your authorization. This is particularly true if you combine a master key system with a high-security lock.


Your security system will not get in the way of the productivity of your employees since your workers can access the places they require. 


Another excellent benefit of a master key system is that it offers you extra peace of mind and control. You know that only employees that are authorized might access pre-approved places. this can help avoid unauthorized use of your property and help prevent employee theft. 

Well-Worth Investment

You don’t worry about spending your money to buy new locks. A professional locksmith can install a master key system by rekeying your old locks. This means that you don’t have to purchase new locks. 


You only require a single key to open all doors in your property if you are the business owner. This means that you won’t be confused anymore about which key is used in that particular door. 

Whenever you want to install a master key system for your business, you should always contact a professional locksmith for help. 

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